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The Amadeus Band

The Amadeus Band is a Live Greek Band based in London, we are available to perform live Greek music for Weddings, Engagements, Christenings and is a versatile Functions band. We perform live music for all occasions our band consists of Male & Female Vocalists, Bouzuki, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard and Bass.

We can guarantee top quality live music and total professionalism at all times, we strive to be totally reliable, punctual and smartly dressed. We’ll arrive when we say we will, be discreet in both set-up and sound check, as a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat bookings and referrals.

On stage we are energetic and entertaining, involving your guests in a pleasant and professional manner in the performance wherever possible!

We have performed Live Greek music and entertained at countless venues, bars, taverns, marquees, hotels and restaurants in the UK, Cyprus and Greece, we have appeared on British television the ITV1 show "Weddings", we performed live and were also broadcast on Cyprus TV and radio, recently appeared live on Radio5 live as part of music from around the world where we were proud to be representing Greece and Cyprus during the recent 

Olympics, we also performed at the wedding of Tony Blair's son at the family home.

We have many years of experience in the music-entertainment business and have been involved in studio recordings of many styles of music including Greek ,English, Instrumental compositions and have released our own original music including published works.

About Us

My name is Chris and I am the founder member of The Amadeus band, my own love affair with music began very early on in life, as a child I was so fascinated by the power of music, the way it works on the mind and heart, it still remains an enticing mystery, I knew back then how much I wanted to be a musician, to play in a band to be a singer, to perform on stage, to be like the heroes who I grew up listening to watching on TV, so I started guitar lessons and as soon as I could play two chords I was jamming at home with my brothers, friends & musicians all with the same dream.

Soon after I knew how to play and sing a few songs, I was doing gigs at my school performing with the school band. I got involved in the Greek music scene and started gigging with most of the Greek musicians who were on the circuit at the time, of which are still my close friends today. I played at countless Greek weddings and other functions and formed my first Greek band. I got involved in recording music early on as I was helping a friend set up his professional recording studio and worked closely with him and picked up a great deal of knowledge in old school mixing and the use of analogue sound equipment, I have my own studio at home and love to write my own songs. I am still thrilled today to be performing in front of a live audience as I was when I first started!